Putt-zing around

So we did a teambuilding event for the Florida office today. (We have a joint event in December with the Teamsters … er, the Baltimore office.)

It was a lovely day outside — at least 85 degrees — for several hours in the sun at a new putt-putt place that serves alcohol. How perfect for us!

South Florida: For Alcoholics in Either Recovery or Denial. New license-plate slogan, ahoy!

(Says she with the soon-to-be-suspended license. Le sigh.)

Anyway, I was on a team of three. The guy brought his own putter and consistently hit 2 par. He did well because he takes it seriously.

The other gal is on my editorial team. And she consistently hit 4 on every hole. She is a very consistent performer on my team too — you always count on her.

Then there’s me. From a hole in one … to the maximum six strokes … and everything in between … that’s my performance on the whole. I am as hit-or-miss on the productivity scale as it gets. My ideas are either home runs or you’re fishing them out of the fountain and wondering what they were before they shriveled up.

I found it kind of funny, how a simple 18-hole golf game could turn into a management lesson for me.

My teammates and other teams behind and ahead of us were impressed with some of the shots I made. I had many people ask if I play pool or whether I like to golf. I am the queen of the bank shot. I can sail my little pink golf ball down a straight-and-narrow path like a perfect pinball … zig-zagging beautifully for 50 feet.

But alas, am I all style and no substance, as well, in the office? It happens. A lot. I can talk in circles when I want to … er, when I know I have nothing to say.

Anyway, we all walked away with our livers full of Guinness and our skin full of new pigmentation. And the teambuilding lesson was a simple one: We suck mightily, mighty well together. 🙂

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