Put the pie down, Tubbo Wubbo

When you try to throw yourself in front of an oncoming shopping-mall train, you know it’s Christmas. And you’re at a mall. And you’re depressed.

My life isn’t bad. It’s just a colossal disappointment compared to what I had dreamed it would be.

I’m tired of saying, “At least it isn’t worse.” Nay, I want to say, “It’s so good, it couldn’t possibly get any better.”

I found myself starting the downward spiral in my meeting this morning. Which, weight loss yay but I haven’t parked my pudgy butt on a scale since before Thanksgiving, so hell yeah I should have had a nice loss.

I was bummed though because somebody’s been baking all week here. And somebody’s been consuming it without concern. And said someone who can’t stop eating could have had not only a nicer loss but also could have hit her 10% goal. But lo, brownies prevailed.

My leader always says try not to binge-eat because it’s a holiDAY. It’s not holiWEEK or holiMONTH. You’ll live to see another holiday. It’s OK. Put the pie down, Tubbo Wubbo.

OK so I paraphrased. 😉

What I wanted to say but didn’t, was that you spend the whole year being good. And come Christmas, you loosen up your death grip on your cash and go to places like malls that you avoid the other 11 months of the year.

You see people and go places and eat things that don’t cross your path normally. You see LIMITED EDITION everything and, lo, you must eat ALL THE LIMITED EDITION THINGS.

Because, you’ve been good all year. You deserve it. And no, Meeting Leader, you might not see your next holiday. Well, you personally probably will, but for the rest of us in a multiyear crisis of faith it’s hard to think past the next credit card billing cycle, for various reasons.

I’ve got my mind on my money and my money on my mind. That, and my freedom. Which, again, I have to be happy for what I have, right?

So maybe I want to enjoy these days. And all the sights and sounds and tastes they offer. Because if we’re sentenced to a lifetime of avoiding the little things that make us happy, especially in absence of bigger things to make us happy, well who the hell wants to live THAT life, anyway?

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