The neighbors are still upstairs but not as hideous as before. I think they moved out Thundercunt and she got the furniture and the kids. Big Giant Pussy is probably enjoying his last days of having separate houses. 

She still comes over and screams, and they kept a few oil drums to drop and roll. I had seen BGP carrying out a glass dining room table top. How any glass lasted with them is beyond me … I figured they had to have smashed it all. 

Not that I’ve slept. The cat has a charming new habit of howling in my face at 3, 4 and/or 5 a.m. and won’t quit till she gets wet food. 

I have so many thoughts on my brain that have nothing to do with this place or work. Like last night’s “Scandal.” 

I was so thrilled that Shonda had Mellie filibuster the Senate to preserve Planned Parenthood funding. But the best part was at the end when Olivia was on the table. 

I was on Twitter and I was reminded of just how many of us instantly recognized that machine. You don’t forget those things. You know what’s in you will soon be in it, the moment the button is pressed and the whirring begins. 

I mean, I’m sure the wingnuts will be denouncing the episode, the storylines, the fact that women are people with careers, limited means and functional minds of our own. But the story needed to be told, and it was told beautifully. 

The fight she had with Fitz immediately after, I got it. I developed rage after my time. Actually I probably always had the rage; I just failed to be able to contain it after that. 

But you don’t want the repuglicans to recognize that. You just thank god the option was there for you, and shake your head in disgust that they try every day of every year to make sure no one else gets to spend that $400-ish (that the government does NOT cover) to invest in their own future. 

You know what good came out of it for me? I got a whole lot better at impulse control and decision-making. 

The bad that came out of it is a lingering sense of regret that what I gave up would have been better than what I got in exchange. 

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