Playing hooky

It’s one of those rare days in which I have nothing to post because nothing’s going on, instead of just keeping stuff to myself. Ran a million errands and am getting ready for a big night ahead. It’s a gorgeous day in the metro D.C. area, and I’m enjoying it. Sad to say, that’s what passes for big news ’round these parts! 😉

My niece just got a toy cell phone, and at age 3, she’s wise beyond her years. My friend (her mom) always greets me a certain way, and now when her daughter plays with her phone, she answers it just like her, pretending that I’m the one calling her. How cute is that?

They sing a goodnight song whenever she’s getting ready for bed. And they have to sing goodnight to about 40 billion people, as that’s how the song goes. So she woke up one night and wanted the song sung to her, but my friend said, “Immediate family only, kiddo,” just to cut down on the time it takes. So they sang goodnight to just the people in the house, but my niece wasn’t satisfied with that. “Mommy,” she implored, “Aunt Goddess is part of our family!”

Is it any wonder I send her tons of presents? She just earned a whole new batch. … 😉

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