Places to go, people to kill

A friend checked in on me yesterday to ensure that I hadn’t killed anyone lately because she hadn’t heard from me and knew I was sort of on the precipice of losing my mind anyway. I said I’d NEVER commit homicide — they don’t allow iPhones in jail!

I’m trying not to do any real work right now because it’s looking like another biggie-size day in the making. And it’s impossible, really, to not at least keep an eye on e-mail because part of my job is to respond to urgent requests, and it’s the minute I step away to go pee or scrub my butt or something that the world collapses and IT’S BECAUSE I HAD TO GO ADJUST MY PANTYHOSE that it happened.

I’m getting a laptop soon. Not the one I want, or anything I WOULD in my right mind want (read: a Dell. *shudder*). But I plan to be found more in coffee shops and other places that do not involve pantyhose. I just hope my plan comes to fruition, since SO MANY of them have lately. (*snerk*)

My horoscope said: “Oh, and why not stop off for a splurgy cup of fancy coffee? There’s no rush! Today is all about savoring the day and going about things slowly enough that you can discover some new people and places.”

I think I will, but it’s only because I can respond to urgent pages from my iPhone. I’m so glad my little personal investment helps me to work even more. 🙂

Of course, the horoscope also said: “You’re all about one other person.” Which, surprisingly? Not really. I went through the coffers of my brain and it’s suprisingly devoid of anyone’s presence. Usuallly I’m trying to figure out how to make this or that one happy, or figure out why this or that one is being a douche, or figure out why I think or feel what I do and/or what I’d really ask for if I knew I could have it.

It’ll be a good day. A long one but a good one. I finally got some sleep, after two days without. And while all I want is MORE, maybe I’ll clear the books on Saturday and do just that. If I can just keep my eyes open that long. …

One Lonely Response to Places to go, people to kill

  1. mikeiam :

    I know it’s not a pretty apple lappie, but Dell’s ain’t so bad. They’re pretty hardy and hold up really well. My only advice: if it comes with any antivirus installed uninstall it immediately. Use ZoneAlarm’s anti-virus and firewall. They actually WORK and don’t fug up your system.