To go with the crazy-busy week, I’ve booked an equally insane weekend. Keeps my mind off of the things that would otherwise be corroding the remnants of sanity I still have. (And there ain’t much.)

I can’t believe some of the crap that happened this week. Well, actually I can. And man, am I exhausted. Every day is an uphill battle — all I want is a little bit of fucking peace once in awhile.

I never wanted to be one of those women who wrote off men as jerks. I know that I’ve met some of their representatives, and I’m trying really hard not to think that the whole lot of them are exactly like their ambassadors. But maybe I was wrong. I don’t know — I guess I’ll keep trying till I’m proven right that all the good ones aren’t already taken.

I am heading to church today for a workshop, then I accepted an offer to go to a movie and dinner down in my old stomping grounds. It’ll be nice to get far, far away from reality. Damn it — bring back the writers, ’cause this having to rely on myself for original entertainment is getting old!

In other stream-of-consciousness news, you know what I hate about not living alone? (Besides the other 20 obvious things.) I can’t pee in the shower. I mean, I could, sure, and it’s not like one of my life’s goals or anything that I’m failing to fulfill. I’m just thinking how awful and disrespectful that would be, and I’m presuming the courtesy is being returned. But still.

Today I found myself irritated that I have to keep the door shut now when I’m in there, which steams it up and makes it impossible to give any life to my mop. And then I thought wow, now I have to wash my ass first and THEN go empty my bladder — how counterproductive is that?

Yep, I’m a classy chick like that. No WONDER I can’t seem to find a good man to appreciate me! 😉

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