Pissed off by proxy

Steeler fans are pissed off about dog-abuser extraordinare Michael Vick joining our humble ranks.

These same people didn’t say shit about a whole bunch of others on that team *cough Ben Roethlisberger* past and present because that motherfucker knows how to win.

Now suddenly everyone’s on their damn moral high horse.

Look, I like animals more than people too. I get it. But I’ve had too many weak links on my teams through the years — the kid who called us all “stupid,” the one who had every excuse for not working for a month at a time, Pinhead, White Comic Sans Font on a White Banner, and various people who weren’t employed by the team but rather who pissed us off by proxy because we were forced to use their services — to recognize that “nice” doesn’t cut it.

Nice IS nice to have. But given the choice between nice and inept/unable/unwilling … and not-so-nice but DAMN THAT MOTHERFUCKER CAN PLAY BALL … well …

Play some ball, motherfuckers.

I want to win this shit. It feels like I lose at everything in my life. At least let my sports teams give me something to look forward to.

Prove us wrong, Vick. And kick Rofflesburger’s ass every now and again to keep him in line, eh?

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