Pinheads o’ plenty

In other Pinhead Part 2 news, I spent from 6:15 to 7:!5 p.m. trying to do the task I asked them to do. Which would have taken them five minutes. And I still couldn’t figure it out.

In a lesser company, you could count on this cat to become the CEO.

At least they got to leave at 5. Wouldn’t want to disrupt the order of the universe by making them hang till 5:05 to help a sister out.

Oh wait. I can’t call myself a sister. The Paula Deens and the Hulk Hogans and the other people of the world lose their careers over that shit. But kill someone and you get off scot-fucking-free.

I’d rant about the Sandra Bland case, but I’m all out of rage today. All I can say anyway is that the only justice we’ll see will come from karma, not the justice system. I’ll add her arresting officer and the prison staff where she died to my list.

And or what it’s worth, let’s quit excoriating the people who use offensive terms about people of color and start punishing the ones who kill them OK?!?!

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