Phone FAIL

Adding to the epic failure that is my life, I locked the over-extended houseguest out of the house last night. And not even on purpose!

She’s been after me for a new phone. Yes, that person whose phone service is paid by yours truly. I had bought her a phone awhile back that broke, so I gave her the phone I had before I got my iPhone. And of course that isn’t working right either now. So she’s been asking me to buy her a phone. Which of course I had responded to with some vitriol about how other people get jobs and buy their own.

So last night, I dragged myself in after a whole month of working with exactly one day off. And I locked the door. I normally don’t lock the “chain” lock (less a chain than a hunk of steel) but because it was late, I did. Because it has always driven me nuts having people in my house because I can’t ever feel secure without all the locks being fastened.

I got out of bed around 9 a.m. today — very late for me, but again, SECOND DAY OFF IN A MONTH. I was outside on the balcony with my coffee and I saw her out there, asking me from the first floor to unlock the door. Uh, whoops. There are several messages from one of her friends. Which, I keep my phone on silent at work all the time.

I just handed her $500 because she needed money from me anyway to pay some bills this month. (It’s not guilt over this; I was planning to do it anyway.) But yeah, something tells me that I have to go get her a new phone today, not like I would have picked up had SHE been the one calling!

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