Perhaps I may want to book a plane ticket, too

Decided I really wanted to go see “Fashionistas.” It was eitherh that or “Zumanity”, and one cost $60 and the other cost $100 per ticket. You figure out which one I went for. 😉

I know “Zumanity” bills itself as the “sensual side of Cirque du Soleil,” but “Fashionistas” caught my eye because it’s sort of the poor man’s version of it. The soundtrack of “Fashionistas” includes Evanescence, Madonna, Tool, Lords of Acid, Crystal Method, and Led Zeppelin, so I’m down with that. Besides, a show that bills itself as an “erotically charged Las Vegas adult entertainment production of fetish and fantasy” is completely up my alley.

I watched the trailers before I made the purchase and, well, that sealed the deal.

In perfect timing news, my new hire starts tomorrow. I won’t be able to give her adequate training, but I’ll be available and working. It’s just nice to be able to work from anywhere instead of from the confines of an office.

It’s neat to suddenly have a life again. I’d forgotten how it feels. I basically spent the money I was planning to spend on, oh, a dining room set on a quick weekend getaway instead. And I think I made the better choice.

I’m looking SO forward to escaping. I’m also taking in a comedy show, a day at the spa because I need a facial (no, not THAT kind! Well, maybe … heh) and lots of exotic meals. Yay for life being good to me right now. I am a happy and grateful girl.

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