Pays to be an idiot

My friend texted me today to tell me the stupidest person in his company got a promotion and a raise.

Six hours later, I sent the very same text back because it happened under my nose too.

My friend said he’s just going to act stupid too.

I think I’m going to follow suit.

It’s either that or we give up. Which is becoming an attractive option. Especially after one of my boys told me I “need a raise” (and I quote) because my workload (and how much of it I ACTUALLY ACHIEVE) blows his mind.

Being smart doesn’t pay. Working nights and weekends doesn’t pay. Not knowing how to find your way out of the birth canal without someone shoving an iPhone with Siri up your mother’s cooch? Gets you into your next tax bracket.

I will try very hard not to think about that as I work the weekend AND the so-called Monday holiday.

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