Pass the Pepto — wait, I brought it with me!

I have officially become one of those stressed-out editors with both a giant-sized and a baby-sized bottle of Pepto Bismol on my desk. (It’s the max strength, cupcakes — and I fear it’s not enough to control this newfound indigestion!)

And today, as I saw a test broadcast of a selling message that I would never in my right mind want to be broadcast live to eleventy billion people (which it was on its way to happening), I grabbed my bigger bottle and clickety-clacked up the hallway to find the responsible party. And yes, I was in people’s doorways, chugging the ol’ Pepto. Even the people who had never met me before today — what an impression to make! 😉

Anyone got some Captain to mix with this shit? I need it!

So then I took over another product today — rather involuntarily and impromptu-like. The broadcast form wasn’t ready; the list hasn’t been uploaded to the form; the text was not QUITE of the caliber of, um, readiness that I was expecting. So I re-wrote the copy. (Those of you who know me will be shocked at that. NOT! LOL) Those elements still aren’t ready, but people outside my team really pulled together to help me through this crisis today.

Needless to say, I just drained the tiny bottle of Pepto, especially after I had to explain to the powers-that-be why I just pulled what was sure to be a moneymaking sales message. (I had my reasons. Trust me.)

Got another poopload of problems to solve before I see the light of day. I’ve already missed four meetings — one impromptu get-together was suggested to me on a project that would be the death of me if I ever actually took it as seriously as I’m supposed to. (I’d be dead from a heart attack if I actually had the level of emotional involvement that I’m supposed to have.) When I was asked whether I “wanted” (ha!) to meet, I said I really enjoyed the thought of discussing unicorns and leprechauns and fairies and other things I’ll never see in my lifetime, but if I could get the “real” work out of the way first, I’d be delighted to make time at some other juncture.

Yes, people do laugh at me. Yesterday I got told four times that I wasn’t funny, but apparently today, the goddess mojo is back. 😉

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