Paradise forgotten

I got really really good at something, years back.

I mean, recite it in my sleep good at it.

People called me the GODDESS of this shit, I tell you.

But for the past five years, I’ve let that side of my brain go a little dormant.

I mean, I just haven’t needed that info.

Also, I haven’t had the tools (expensive tools) to keep practicing it.

So now I’m staring at an opportunity to dust off that part of my brain.

And I have my hands so full of the stuff that’s bulldozed it to the back of my mind, I am hesitant.

I mean, it’s not like I can bulldoze back over the other stuff.

And it’s easier to get help with the stuff I USED to know/be able to do than to get help doing the stuff I HAVE to do.

I wonder if it’s even possible to un-atrophy a brain after years of under-use.

But man it would be good to regain my goddess-of-that-thing title. The risk is huge. But the financial reward would be very nice.

And no road will rise up to meet you if you aren’t actually taking a step forward. Of course, the bottom can’t fall out either. So, there’s that too.

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