Pack your things, Tuesday — you’re fired!

Today started off with chaos, destruction and turmoil — in other words, business as usual.

Then it led into a meeting — again, all is right with the universe.

And THEN I ran to the ladies’ room to notice that my two shirts (to coordinate perfectly with my skirt) were soaked through on one side.

Damn it.

*shakes first at the entire water bra empire*

And it ain’t water in those padded puppies — it’s oil. I had this happen a couple of months ago, so unfortunately I am NOT unfamiliar with the level of humiliation that it SHOULD bring. I just don’t give a fuck anymore.

So I went home, grabbed lunch and changed my shirt. And I just got back to the office, only to stop again in the ladies’ room and JAM MY DAMN FINGERNAILS THROUGH MY PANTYHOSE. ON BOTH LEGS.

*taking Tuesday out behind the woodshed and assassinating it*

And don’t even get me started on some sort of legalized kleptomania that is taking place ’round these parts. I am appalled at people’s greed on the high level and basic discourteousness on the basic level. Maybe I’m being oversensitive, but I am thoroughly disgusted with humanity right now. *eyeroll*

But on a funnier note — and speaking of heads being firmly nestled into one’s nether regions — I was woozy from a big bad motherfucker of a painful project and stated to my crime partner that I was, in fact, woozy. The response? “Put his head between your knees. Er, put YOUR head between your knees!”

2 Responses to Pack your things, Tuesday — you’re fired!

  1. Sabre :

    I commented to someone else today that it seems the entire staff has been replaced… with vultures.

    Good gawd.

  2. V :

    Man down! Man down!

    No, really. Get down.