I normally listen to NPR on the way to work but today I caught a local show. I’m glad I did. 

They did a surprisingly touching show about the shootings at Pulse and the Plaza Live in Orlando this weekend.

I don’t have a lot to say. The biggest terror attack post-9/11 happened in one of my favorite towns in places I’ve visited. Rattled doesn’t begin to cover it. 

I thought I gave up terrorism — well jihadism, and my little pet terrorist friend too — when I hit 95 south and never turned north again

That’s what kills me. Omar what’s his nuts was investigated by the FBI three times. I put my pet terrorist on the CIA’s and FBI’s radar too. To little avail. 

It’s one thing when these idiots snap and pledge their allegiance to terrorism. But when you can spot it from a million miles away, what can you do other than arm yourself and learn how to shoot and be ready to protect your family at any cost?

Love to Orlando. Love to Disney. Love to my friends who work there who adore that club as a place to celebrate the end of a long day. Love to anyone who deserves it and especially everyone who doesn’t. 

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