One size does not fit all; nor does trying it on more than once

I completely forget what it’s like to be paid to NOT go into work on a bank holiday. As it were, though, I had an easy day as I only put in just a hair above 10 hours. In my world, that’s a bona fide vacation day!

Appropriately enough, I came home to find two e-mails from the same headhunter, looking for a warm body to fill a position. You know, that fries my shorts. I get that a lot — some frazzled H.R. rep, no doubt, who’s trying to contact as many people as possible in the hopes that one will call back.

You know, when I’m applying for a job, I research the company, tailor my resume, write a thoughtful cover letter and otherwise come up with the right strategy for pursuing said job. But what do these recruiters do? Fucking bombard me with multiple, GENERIC messages to invite me to apply for a job that they don’t actually describe in an environment that I’m only supposed to take a wild guess about.

It’s just annoying, really. It’s spam. Hell yes they’d be lucky if I gave them the time of day, but just like I wouldn’t interview (much less hire) someone who sent me a form letter, I don’t want to be approached by someone with that one-size-fits-all approach. I know, they’ve got to keep their company names confidential. I get that. But a simple “this is what we saw in your resume that intrigued us and hope would be a fit” would do wonders in me not outright hitting the “delete” key immediately.

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