One day…

The movie “One Day” is my new favorite. Saw it yesterday … cried so hard I couldn’t breathe … and read 75% of the book between this morning and afternoon. *swoon*

It’s the book I want to write. It’s the story I want to tell … you know, since it feels slightly reminiscent of some parts of my past. Just as long as I don’t suffer the same fate as the main character, though, I’d rather have my story any day.

I have a few thoughts rolling around right now, about how we’re all existing with whatever our second choice is.

We didn’t get the guy or gal (or both. Whatever) we originally wanted. A real shame since we lit up around them and laughed as though they were professional entertainers. There was always some fatal flaw that doomed it from the beginning. But we know butterflies exist because WE FELT THEM.

Then we go on to laugh at others’ unfunny jokes and wait around to love them as much as they seem to love us. We don’t have much to compare it to so we figure this is what a functional relationship is. You go from breathlessness over the one who got away and boredom with the one who stays, and at some point you wake up and hope for someone closer to someone who’s a mix of the two.

And we continually quiz ourselves on why exactly we don’t get all heady and dizzy. Are we ruined for life by someone else? And even those who stay with us aren’t necessarily reliable — they’re just unmotivated to continue the journey because they’re happy enough where they now are.

Back to the settling we also find ourselves doing — for as long as we can stand it, anyway — we settle for jobs that don’t light our fires. We suffer through the world’s indignities as though we have all the time in the world to enjoy it when things do eventually go right.

(Please, God, tell me eventually everything goes right.)

The moral to the story there (*spoiler alert*) is that you need your whole life to get where you’re supposed to be. But that doesn’t mean your bliss will last forever or even simply LONG ENOUGH. Ergo, one should shake a leg on that “becoming happy” stuff.

The dialogue in the book/film is truly splendid. I only hope that when I do get around to writing my own books, the humor in the situations will show through and keep things moving at such a fast pace.

This was a super-stressful week in life … one I don’t care to repeat EVER. Thank God Mercury leaves retrograde this week.

I also put a new personal ad out there. Got 27 written responses yesterday alone. Hmm. Was it that brilliant or are men down here as desperate as I am? (I think it was that brilliant.)

Either way, it’s high time for a turnaround. Planetary and certainly otherwise.

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