Once you go black …

… and tan …

(I’m talkin’ about stout, people. Where did you THINK I was going with this?) 😉

Let the summer threesome season begin — Ben & Jerry’s has released a glorious summer flavor hereby known lovingly as Black & Tan. It’s an orgasm without lube (or batteries, depending on your situation).

The kid at Safeway told me that there’s apparently some drama around the name, as B&J had to apologize to the Irish for using it when it refers back to British soldiers. The kid also suggested that the controversial packaging might be a collector’s item, which yeah, right — like I was going to leave a pint of ice cream unopened in MY house!

I think he was overstating the issue a bit, but this was probably the first time I had a checkout clerk not only speak to me, but also speak English, and coherently at that. That’s about as historical as this experience will ever be!

3 Responses to Once you go black …

  1. nic :

    Ice cream that tastes like stout?!?!
    This I must try.

  2. Sabre :

    Mmmmmm… ice cream and stout. What else does a girl need?

  3. The Goddess :

    It’s not bad. Not my favorite ice cream flavor, but it’s subtle. And like all chocolate, very filling and satisfying. 😉