On the road again (and again)

So far, my lone new year’s resolution to start smoking again is going swimmingly. Yes! I know, it was a shitty goal, but guess what? I’ve stuck to it! Damn $6-a-pack cherry-flavored cigarettes!

I tried very hard to stay awake last night to work, but I fell asleep in the chair next to my computer with cell phone in-hand, and didn’t open my eyes till 7 a.m. (I was at home, thank God!) There’s some rare strain of typhoid going around at work, and I haven’t caught it, but I sure feel run-down and icky.

Speaking of ick, I saw some apartments today. I have a lot to think about, as in whether to leave D.C. proper and go back to Virginia or up to Maryland to get a better price on more space. And I found out that my own apartment management, which has been useless insofar as helping me to upgrade to a different unit (they have no clue about tenant retention), charged me some not only unnecessary, but also illegal, fees. Besides that, they threatened to take away my rent special to move within the building before the lease is up. Huh!?! I am so leaving this place. But damn, it really is the prettiest apartment I’ve ever lived in. 🙁

I liked one place I saw, but the only downside is that it’s in Silver Spring, which isn’t sitting right with me at this moment for various reasons. I walked in and loved almost everything and saw three signs that in a normal world would have convinced me that this is the place for me. But maybe it was that the apartment was too small for the price, as my thought was a big fat “Enh” as I walked away with application papers not submitted.

I loved the property manager, though, and we were having a fine discussion about planning events for residents, which I would LOVE to do to meet people in a new neighborhood. Then again, I had hit it off with my accounts manager here, and she can’t even have the decency to call me back whenever I leave a message.

I’m looking at what’s called “roommate-style” 2BRs, with a bedroom and bathroom on each end and a common area in the middle. That makes for tiny living rooms, unfortunately, but I would bet that this type of setup would have helped me to actually be a better roommate to others with whom I’ve shared quarters in the past. I’m too set in my ways to deal with someone I’m not sleeping with, and even then, I’m still pretty hard to get along with!

The manager had said the privacy factor to that setup is perfect — that I can have guests and Mom wouldn’t be asking who I have in my room. 😉 Hell, I told her I’m more worried about walking into her room and seeing someone strange instead!!!

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