On the bright side

My skin is too light now for the makeup I was wearing. I think the color was “Sun and Sand.” I’m about the shade of Manic Panic these days.

But that’s OK. Wearing a mask all the time means I only have to do my eye makeup.

I just got a cute mask in the mail. From China. That one went straight from the package to the washing machine.

Can’t wait to do a car selfie with that one. Who doesn’t love a good car selfie?

I think I’ll do a fashion show today. I have dresses I was planning to return to Ross since boys don’t like girls who like to look and feel good. So I’ll get a shopping bag, pull the stuff with tags and it will be a productive “shopping trip.”

Speaking of productivity, I am now *checks cute pink Fitbit* 36 hours into a renewed social media distancing effort.

One doesn’t have to see a tree fall in the forest to know it is proud of its refusal to stand.

Enjoy all your lies and delusions. You don’t deserve any more of my attention.

Goodnight, moon pie.

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