On self-righteous shitheads

I think I offended the fine people over at SecretRegrets.com yesterday. They have some awesome secrets (mixed with regret, natch), but the self-righteous shithead they published yesterday made me angry.

I’ll spare the details — blah blah woman sleeping with otherwise-taken man with a kid blah blah this one gets knocked up too blah blah — but I wrote that I don’t think we the public should really be encouraging or condoning abominable behavior when it affects other people (i.e., child conceived in ridiculous situation).

I got a message back to give the site another try. My issue is that I’m seeing secrets but there ain’t a hint of regret. I almost felt like baby mama was bragging that she got knocked up by the lover she can’t have. No, you got knocked up by a selfish douchebag and you’re no better than him.

And I told them I’m not a prude or a hypocrite or, worse, a Republican. 😉 But damn, nobody should be making this person feel GOOD about her poor choices!

I know what it’s like to want someone you can’t have. But the one time I did meet that person, he was smart enough to be the strong one. I had nothing to lose. He did. He set the boundaries. And despite my wily attempts to corrode them, he maintained them.

So, sure, my morality can remain intact. For once. 😉 But I feel like we’ve jumped the shark from seeing what happens in people’s personal lives to applauding them and leaving comments in support of them.

The comment that got me on that post above was, “Me, too.” Oy vey. *headdesk*

I admit I tend to hide from the world. I get out there, make some friends, date and ultimately decide I can’t stand people and then I retreat to my little shell. People take WORK. They take TIME. Some of them are worth it. Many aren’t. I’m becoming the girl who lets the last one ruin it for the next one.

I love humanity and all of its flawed glory. I study it and a part of me wants to help everyone I meet. But I’ve also encountered my share of people who embrace their shortcomings and parade them with pride. They don’t even need outside validation, but hoo boy, they’re on fire when they elicit it.

And that’s the problem — when people beg for attention and just one person doesn’t condemn them, they think their collision course with life is all fun and games till someone loses an eye. Just as long as it isn’t theirs. Then the party keeps going till everyone’s lying dead on the battlefield and no one is left to play with them anymore.

I don’t know why this bothered me so much. You know there’s a problem when *I* become the moral majority. Shit, I might as well pre-write my own regret that I didn’t vote for Obama in 2012 if I keep THIS shit up! 🙂

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