On Glenn Close and Mimi

I unfollowed a friend on social media whose significant other rubs me the wrong way. 

Not sure if it’s the psychic in me or what, but I violently distrust the guy. I had a vision of him leaving my friend to die and inheriting a very nice fortune. 

Alas, my friend is happy. And with nothing more than a really bad feeling to go on, I had to mute what appears to my third eye as a one-sided sham. 

Then there’s another friend. I still follow him but his chickie annoys me on every  level. 

It hits me that I’ve been feeling bad for my friend. And the reality is, I’m disappointed. Not in him. Just in some events. 

I thought my friend was perfect all these years. And fine, he’s fallible. I forgive that, because he’s an upstanding dude the other 99% of the time. 

But it feels like a series of decisions — which I know are none of my business — that just leaves me sad. 

For the longest time, I’ve felt my friend is wearing some scarlet “A” and bearing this crazy cross unnecessarily.

After everything,  I still want to say he deserves better. Or maybe he feels that’s all he deserves. 

And who the hell am I, honestly, to be viewing this with a decade-old lens? We all change. 

Kind of presumptuous to will someone to return to senses that may have changed over the years. 

I guess that’s because I’m not a lot different myself. Sure, I’ve evolved in many ways … and devolved in a few others. 

But I still see 21-year-old Goddess in the mirror. Maybe that’s because my eyes are shot from editing since 1990. 🙂

In any event, I want 100% for my friends to be happy. I just don’t get why my gut tells me to help them get their potential bunny-boilers out of their lives before it’s too late. 

The way I figure, these folks don’t like the things I post with possible dating types. I have a whole slew of boys who avoid liking or admitting they saw any hint of a pic or status update (as rarely as I allow them) with a new boy. 

So, I can do passive-aggressive too. Exhibit A: Caterwauling.com. 

I hope not to offend. I guess I’m still holding out for my happiness. Real happiness. And I guess I’m getting a wee bit judgy of those who maybe could benefit from some of my patience on that front. 

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