I’m not *always* this bitchy, but …

… oh, who the hell am I kidding? I’m *always* snarkalicious. 😀

I was running errands this weekend when I ran into someone from my long-ago past. And damn it, he looked good. They do that to us, you know — they get better-looking with time. Whereas I’ve gained an extra ass cheek and crow’s feet since then. *sigh* Stunning.

I was the one who walked away from him, though. Well, ran away is more like it. For those of you who have been around this joint for years, are you nuts? you may remember him as the one to whom I’d said, “That’s IT?!?!” after, ah, activities.

I also changed my phone number so he would Quit. Calling. Me.

In any event, I found the old-school blog entry from the day we met. And I realized that while I get mad at myself these days for squelching my feelings down so deeply that they explode like a freaking Zambelli’s fireworks display (see: meltdown, today’s sobbing and swearing), well, apparently I used to give away a *twee* bit too much of the truth.

Here’s part of that entry. Good lord, who was that girl?

Anyway, when I saw G., he was with a new girlfriend, I guess. And Evil Dawn surfaced long enough to think, “Awww, so that’s who he’s disappointing in bed now!” 😉

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