Old friends, new wine

A friendly competitor’s group is in town this week, and I met up with them at the local wine dive for many drinks.

My arrival was a surprise to one of the guys, as planned. And it was wonderful to be welcomed so warmly.

He was one of my original boys, and when he saw me he introduced me to every single one of his paying subscribers who was hanging on his every word.

I inadvertently found myself re-selling his people on his awesomeness. Because I found myself missing the shit out of him as much as he does me.

Don’t get me wrong. We had our tough moments/days/years. But we got through it and came out better — both of us.

He was telling his listeners how we met 10 years ago. It was one day that I was needing an e-letter article and my main guy flaked out. (Not an unusual occurrence.) So this guy was in a cab on the way to the Oakland airport, dictating a column to me over the phone.

I was still green to the industry and I wanted to do a good job. And he knew I was new and was wondering how it would turn out.

He was thrilled with the job I did. He didn’t know that A) I take dictation and B) I was absorbing this stuff and could edit it coherently without making it wrong.

Anyway when the company decided to give him a new service shortly thereafter, he requested me. I had wanted to be on it but I didn’t know he actually liked me that much. But we teamed up and it was magic.

It was hell, too, don’t get me wrong. I tend to romanticize things when the present gets kind of tough. This is just a good reminder of how I make allies for life because I fight for and WITH them.

He wasn’t the only old friend I got to hang out with. And I had a good time talking to the customers too. They reminded me of who I am and why I do (and, in some cases, endure) this. I may write about them later. In fact, I know I will.

But as Dolly and Kenny sang, “You can’t make old friends.” And I love mine to pieces.

I hope that my new friends can become old friends someday, too.

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