Obligatory post-‘Idol’ post

I haven’t “Idol”-blogged in awhile. I really haven’t had much to say other than that I’m emotionally involved in each contestant’s performance (except Katharine. She lacks the likability gene in my book) and yet that I can’t be sad when someone goes because that’s the nature of the game and, at this point, there are very few upsets left to experience.

In any event, I think the judges were smoking crack this week, because I didn’t hear what they heard. Other than their original assessment of McPhee, which they retracted last night (gah), my opinion was at the polar opposite end of the spectrum.

And I’m sorry because I love love love Chris Daughtry, but I wasn’t as impressed with his “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” as the judges were. I was impressed with him of course because he’s sexy as all hell and his voice incites underwear changes at 9:30 p.m., but enh. I never liked the song and have certainly never known a man who was in love with anyone but himself (or his mother). But hey, if it got him the highest number of votes, then good on him.

My votes went to Taylor Hicks this week. I heard “Just Once” from him, and maybe it’s because it’s a song I grew up on, but day-um. And Elliott? I admit I was riding the “E” train this week, too. There’s something bafflingly wonderful about him — if he didn’t end up a singer, then I’d pit him as a kid who shoots up his high school. Ouch, I know, but I’m glad the genuine artist is emerging, ’cause that boy’s voice is better than all the crap I am hearing on mainstream radio these days.

This week we said goodbye to Kellie. I was surprised — I would’ve booted Paris myself. I think Kellie’s going to go places in this world regardless, but I thought her “Unchained Melody,” while admittedly all over the place, was really a refreshing take on a very tired, overplayed song.

The same article mentions that the finals are on May 25 — this is the third year in a row that the finals are on my birthday. I guess I know what my plans will be THAT night!

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