O rly?

From the Grey’s Anatomy blog:

“I feel for (Rose) though because when a man meets the love of his life, there is nothing else out there for him, no matter how great the girl.”

I believe that’s true for women or, at least, for me. You find someone and you’d probably forgive them downright anything and you’d wait for them if that’s what it takes and you’ll hide your heartache till the end of time because it seems like he’s got to be the one to come to his senses, to find you waiting there all along.

And all the while that you’re wondering whether you’re good enough for him, you squelch back every fleeting thought of, “Well, is he even good enough for me?”

In any case, maybe I just haven’t met the type that “could” settle down, even if it’s the love of his life. Or maybe I have and I just don’t know it yet.

One Lonely Response to O rly?

  1. Sabre :

    You know, at some point, we really have to stop shoving that thought backwards and making it the primary one.


    Well, at least, -I- do. Stupid xy chromosome units.