Now the holiday season may commence

I’m stealing Tiff’s idea to post this but damn it, it’s not the holiday season till I see the Eat & Park Christmas star commercial.

I’ll be the one in the corner, dabbing a tissue at her running mascara. Don’t mind me over here. *sniffle*

One Lonely Response to Now the holiday season may commence

  1. nic :

    For many years, I saw “Eat’nPark” advertised on the boards during televised hockey games, and I wondered what the heck it was. Then I met somebody from Pittsburgh who explained it was a restaurant. A drive-in? I asked. With car hops and such? No, he said, just a regular restaurant, like Big Boy.
    Even if it had been a drive-in, though, the name doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t it be Park’nEat?