Not what I wanted, professional edition

Sat in accident traffic on the way to work. Sat in accident traffic on the way back.

95 was foo-kayaed. Turnpike was hosed. At least on the return trip, I took a (lonnnnggg) back road. So, three hours commuting — then another hour running errands. After another day of joy and another night of NO GODDAMN SLEEP. GAWD PEOPLE; HOW MUCH MORE AM I SUPPOSED TO TAKE.

In any event, a friend and I sat and compared notes about all the kangaroo ball strokers (Flopsy and Mopsy) … the “hey, MY EYES ARE UP HERE” fools (so many more than two) … the “um, did I ASK you to stare at my ass” one … the Eric Trump lookalike who picks his nose and eats it … and all the other weirdos across the creeper spectrum we’ve encountered over the years.

Honorable mentions to the ones who stroke themselves in hopes we will swoon and find their erect nipples or thrust-out bellies sexy.

It was interesting to really sit and compare notes at the absolute ridiculousness two perfectly professional women have to endure, on top of treacherous commutes and impossible workloads and a sadly limited number of hours in a day.

What really makes us sad is all the stupid fucking white women who will elect the pedophile in Alabama tomorrow. Because it would kill them to do anything that might benefit their fellow sisters. What, the Democrat is an upstanding guy AND he believes you should have a say over your own body? NO WAY, WHITE BITCHES. WE WILL VOTE FOR THE GUY BANNED FROM THE FUCKING MALL FOR SOLICITING YOUNG GIRLS so you don’t get an IUD that’s covered by your insurance.

So, I don’t just hate white men. I hate white women. Fuck it, I hate EVERYONE WHO EVER DROVE A CAR ON 95.

So much for my zen. Better luck tomorrow.

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