Not that anyone would care

The following post is TMI and way too personal. I recommend anyone with any sense to not only not read it, but to not follow this blog.

That said, I was in the shower just before 5 a.m. since that’s when I start working on Mondays. And out of nowhere, the place looked like the shower scene in Psycho.

(Period-watch has officially ended. And I have no words for the mass of mess that I was chasing down the drain with Scrubbing Bubbles. Like, I’m pretty sure my entire uterus fell out, tissue and all.)

I feel absolutely hideous today. Tired, weak and just Not in the Damn Mood.

Alas, I got my ass dressed and drove into work. (Because, dreams about them murdering your family if you don’t come from somewhere.)

In the 25-minute drive I probably lost about a quart of blood. I managed to find a bathroom not under construction. At least the toilet’s working, unlike the one at home. (Thanks, useless landlord.)

So, yeah. This ought to be a great day.

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