Found out today is a friend’s last day here at Ye Olde Alligator/Pig/Armadillo/Coyote/Croc/Frog Farm.

She wasn’t employed here but instead for another company that also squats in this space. I’m going to miss her. She is leaving of her own accord — returning to a career she used to have that she loved. So that makes me happy.

I’ll miss her constantly nagging me to take my breaks. That everybody above me sees the light of day and the light of evening, too.

I started smoking again so I could get some “me” time. That counts, right?

Anyway, the first two friends I made here are now gone.

More than ever, I really really really miss my Ye Olde Investor Ranch family. We weren’t a just team — we were family. And still are. And will always be.

And I’ll never stop striving for that feeling again.

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