No one ever died of divorce

ETA: Someone took this as meaning I wanted them to get a divorce. It was about my JOB, you fool.

There’s a poem on my Faceypages wall that starts:

“If you ever closed your legs to a man you loved

“Opened them to one you didn’t …”

Good reminder that I’m far from the first person to make hard choices in the name of happiness.

Of course, I’ll wonder from time to time what life would have been like. Heck, that shit backed up on me for about 15 minutes this morning.

It passed.

After all, I no longer wonder about when the bullshit would have culminated. Even more than it already had.

I thanked my friend at lunch yesterday. She always told me never stay for anyone but you. When a door opens and it will make you better, happier — walk through it. There will be consequences either way. And there will also be growth, if you choose it.

Reminds me of something I told someone a long time ago. There is no right or wrong choice. There’s what you want to do, and what you think you should do. If you’re lucky, they are the same. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be happy with your choice.

Look. I will always love what I left.

Who I left.

But I have a lot more love to give and receive.

It’s nice to be doing both on the flip side.

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