No drama on deal day

A couple years ago, it was two hours to go until we launched what would become the biggest campaign in our little company’s history.

Even though we had slaved and prepared for weeks, there were still a thousand little details to be done.

And yet, I found myself on a very annoying phone call with the people being promoted.

I don’t remember the topics. All I know is they were unhappy with everything.

My superior shut that shit down with a simple, strong, “No drama on deal day.” We went on to have a successful launch, and that’s been our mantra ever since.

Today is another deal day. Murphy’s Law has been in full effect, but at least the people who will benefit most from the launch are mercifully cooperative (and grateful … and quiet).

It’s funny how some people will be difficult just because they CAN be. Sure, maybe they might have had a point. Or maybe they didn’t. Either way, thank God that project was a success because we worked our asses off for it.

In hindsight, it was just like having a baby to “save” a marriage. That shit was doomed from the start. But hell if we didn’t try everything.

Now I look at those people and their families (whom I grew to love) like exes who had so much promise, once upon a time. Now we’re all squabbling about child support and the love is gone.

One day, the drama will be gone, too. And we won’t have the need for silly rules like “shut up while we try to make magic over here, mmkay?”

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