Nightmares and dreams

Didn’t sleep well in the Keys. Mom fell on the first day and she was already in chronic pain. So basically now it’s even more excruciating. And while it was a good vacation, it wasn’t the restful escape we needed.  

But oh how she tried to keep up with me as I drove and parked her everywhere instead of just walking this tiny town. I love that woman bunches. 

Had the worst dream on my last night. It stems back to when we saw the orange clownfish’s buggy whip at PBI …

I dreamed I was set to perform in a play in a prestigious venue. Momma was backstage to cheer me on. Then I looked out the window and saw this idiot backing his dumb plane into a parking spot. 

I was furious and left the building. Momma, slow as she is now, followed me across the street. 

Someone ran to find us and say that Trump commanded my return. I said I command his resignation.  God I hate him. 

I did decide to go back because I didn’t want to let down my team. (Kind Of like going back to work after a vacation.)

Momma was so so tired. She followed me for a few steps and had to sit down. 

Here’s the hard part …

“I’ve gone as far as I can go with you,” she said. “You’ll be on your own from here. I’ll always love and support you from where I am.”

I died. I cried in my dream and I woke up in hysterics. 

This is my life. Hating Trump for being alive and being fearful that my mom is dying. How I wish they could trade places. The world would be so much better off with her in charge. Or, at least, in this world at all. And healthy. Lord please make her healthy …

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