Oh, GAWD, is it that time again already?!?! I already have my first writers’ group invitation on my calendar and hot damn, I don’t have a story line. (Or a brain that’s functioning, for that matter.)

‘Tis the season to raid the liquor cabinet and offer delicious, designer chocolates on a silver platter to my Muse, who is off in warmer climes and certainly not here with me. My main character for this year’s book doesn’t inspire me the way the last one did. I usually write from a female lead’s POV but this year I made it a man. Well, one who needs to do some serious growing up, so I’m chronicling his journey.

And sure, there are always gratuitous sex scenes to fill up a few dozen pages, but I admit to being a virgin to writing those from a man’s point of view. (Hell, I forget how they happen from MY angle — I could use a refresher course or 20.) Oh, Inspiration, did you get my Change-of-Address notice when I moved a few months back?!?! Help me through this odyssey in any way you can!!!

3 Responses to NaNo!

  1. Valbee :

    I would really like to do this someday. November is just such a bad month, timewise. And then there’s the whole lack of anything to really write about. That’s probably a problem as well. 🙂

  2. Barb :

    Good luck this year! I never finished last year, and since the ECT, I’m still having trouble just writing blog posts. Have fun with it!

  3. Barb :

    P.S. – Didn’t know how else to reach you, but cat-o-bloggo is a dead link so you can take it off your blogroll. 🙂