My heart

My favorite, favorite, favorite teacher passed away.

I’ve written about her often in these pages. Never by name though. I wish I had.

Loved everything about this woman. She would say “my poet” when she saw me. She kicked my ass and made me better.

I have yet to meet anyone so inspiring.

I wonder if people know how much they impact someone. Like, does she know the McKeesport graduating classes of the past 30 years are in tears today because this amazing woman is no longer on this earth?


Miss you so much, Madame. Thank you for everything you did for me, from our AP English classes, to French lessons, to personal growth exercises and private chats about being a gracious and graceful teenager/high schooler.

I hope I made you proud. I know you’d hate this blog, and I know you’ll see me now and want more for me than what I have now. But know that I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you.

My heart …

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