My anxiety has anxiety

So what if I lost some pounds. The past four weeks have been hell.

Between interrupted sleep and a return to the 70-hour workweek, which still isn’t enough hours, my anxiety has anxiety. 

I remember when the last place let me go. It was weird to suddenly have all those hours back. 

I mean, I hadn’t wanted all of them back. Maybe just 10 or 12 or so. And all that really happened was one anxiety (endless to-dos) was replaced by another (ending income).

I didn’t really enjoy that shining moment though when the first set of problems were no longer mine. I really should have.  

Last night I was so stressed, I walked around the corner to my favorite cantina. Two margaritas later (pounded in less than 10 minutes), I felt almost human again

This is why I’m fat. Stress and booze.  Here’s to being able to afford booze because a carrot just wasn’t going to cut it after this week’s two-day fun-fest …

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