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My Kitchen

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So, I’ve moved. Again. Fourth time (in a year) is a charm. More or less. 🙂 These days, I sit straight on top of the Intracoastal Waterway.

Giving up the penthouse was hard, but I have more space and a corner unit, where two of my bedroom walls are solely floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass doors.

Landlady is a “see you next Tuesday” and I realized, after I took this place, that I could have had a 3BR house in an upscale part of town for $200 more.

I opted to stay in Florida for another year and I’ll start my commuting to another state next week. I’m pretty happy. A little stressed because I’m already SO BEHIND in my work. But I LOVE being an executive in my field. I am in my element right now.

However, I’m a little stressed because I did NOT want to change jobs and apartments simultaneously, like I did a year ago. But I’m in the right job AND in the right apartment — a dramatic change from 2009.

So, while I can’t find my cosmetic case for my suitcase for next week’s travels (two trips in one week. I’d say weep for me but I’m celebrating it!), at least I know where my suitcase is. AND I’m visiting a familiar city.

AND I’m up to something else — and that’s all I’ll say for now.

Did I mention that life was good?

However, I had a little disappointment this weekend on the normal, single, heterosexual males front. I try not to Google the shit out of someone I meet because, well, I LIKE the discovery process of conversation. And while everything I found made me even-more giddy (he’s in a BAND! he works in FINANCE! he drives a CONVERTIBLE!), yeah, he’s also got kids and a wife.


Not saying I haven’t wandered down THAT road before. But I’m doing a u-turn this time.

Nothing has happened yet. Not even close. And there’s not even a hint of anything resembling scandal. But … well. Hmm.

There’s just something about this guy that makes me stop and wonder why we crossed paths in the first place. And why I find myself fighting butterflies at every turn.

I didn’t have my hopes up, though. But I can’t say I wasn’t enjoying the intrigue of developing a new friendship with someone who is quite easy to look at.

But life goes on. I’m flying out to see someone next week whose leg I would hump if given half a chance. And then I’m going to hop on a second plane and find myself in yet another city full of possibilities. One in particular, if the mutual friend we’re meeting has any say about it. 😉

And then, I will return to my kitchen with the bare refrigerator located square on the Intracoastal, and I will think of my boys in other cities and hopefully forget about the one directly on the other side of the water because one of these other guys was smart enough to be single when they met me. 😉

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