Actual phone conversation:

Mom: Sorry to bother you, but did you want a birthday cake?
Me: No, but thanks
Mom: But you’ve got to have cake. It’s your birthday!
Me: I’m aware of that. But save the money; don’t need it. Thanks!
Mom: But how can I sing happy birthday if you don’t have a cake?
Me: Fine, then get a cake
Mom: You’re being mean. If you don’t want cake, just say so.
Me: That’s what I said, no?
Mom: I never see you on your birthdays. This is the first birthday I’ve spent with you in years. We need cake.
Me: Then order cake. Or don’t. Surprise me.
Mom: White cake with chocolate icing?
Me: Why did you bother even calling to ask when you had a plan all along?

One Lonely Response to Moms!

  1. Caterwauling :

    […] So, we had to stand around waiting for them to use the right icing (chocolate buttercream). And the decorating was ugly as hell. I keep telling my mom to stop ordering cakes from there (remember this?) — the treats they make are delicious, but they can’t get an order right to save their lives. Morons. It ended up being very tasty, but next cake comes from Bethel Bakery. Damn it. Maybe they can get it right! […]