Moment of silence

Back on 9/11 (yes THAT day), my CEO called a moment of silence during a particularly terse meeting. (They were all terse, to be fair. Ask me why I refuse to speak in meetings. Go ahead, ask.)

I was so, so grateful for that moment. We needed it even without the terrorism. But it really did help bring us back to our right minds. 

Last week, I was tweeting with one of my famous friends that no one calls a moment of silence anymore, it seems. It’s like we go from tragedy to tragedy without a break. I don’t mean in my world — I mean in general. 

We cannot collect our collective shit before the next batch hits the solar-powered fan, you know?

I think about that crazy CEO. All but two people have run screaming from her clutches. Out of some 150. I wonder if she’s still masterful at administrating beatings and then being classy for outsiders to see. 

I wonder if she still pauses to let people regroup when crazy shit happens nationally but makes them endure excoriations with nary a break … Until she found someone else to pick on. 

Anyway. I’m heartsick today and thinking of her is only intensifying my headache. But I wonder if someone like me is being impressed with her good leadership moments and will take them with her wherever she goes … Just like I did. 

I get a lot wrong. But so did everyone else. And we all have a lot of screw-ups left in us. Let’s just hope we can live to lead another day … And in a better way. 

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