Mmm, beach

Sat by the wave pool today. Had sand in my toes and it seemed like a perfectly logical way to rid myself of it. I had my feet in the water for an hour — my feet-up Friday is the most fantastic ever!

Don’t worry — I don’t do the bathing-suit thing. Too afraid of being harpooned or something. 😉 But what does amaze/impress me is how many women just don’t care who’s looking at them. I have a slight self-conscious streak that’s more apparent in beach-weather situations, and maybe it’s the fact that everyone’s on vacation, but hey. Apparently if you can get the suit on, you can wear it!

I’m more freckled than when I came out here, thanks to today being the first day I actually got exposed to sunlight. My chest got tan, which is nice, but damn these freckles — they stopped being cute about 25 years ago!

My poor, aching feet. I just wandered the entire resort barefoot and standing on the hot cement hurt less than wearing shoes. Oh well. There are other children who would kill to walk through the desert on their way to an air-conditioned suite!

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