Midyear review, more or less

I’m going to take five minutes to blog and pretend it’s a lunch hour. It’s more than I’ve done since December so let’s call it a victory.

Speaking of since December, when I accepted this crazy-ass title promotion, I’ve put on some weight. As of this morning it looks like I’ve taken off what I’ve put on since then. So again, victory.

However, to unravel all the psychological and physiological damage I’ve incurred in that time frame, it’s probably gonna take years.

I’m in so much pain and I’m intellectually depleted. I’ve gained two new people to manage and while I excel at managing extraordinary difficult people (which one of them is), I simply cannot rise to my level of Goddess that is required because I spend too much time fussing around with HTML and production issues and making sure the lists are split right and that everyone’s seeing the right price and the right offer and that their messages aren’t getting caught in spam or showing funky characters and that I get six tests when I need six tests and are all 17 of my splits right because this stuff is life-or-death in this biz.

Next week has to be better. That is, if I don’t have to carry my new albatross project (and its five offshoots to come) into Monday …

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