Dear Ragweed,



I hate September. My head is so full of sinus drippings that I cannot seem to find room to fit or form a thought amid the snarfalicious chaos and pressure. I feel like a cartoon character with a blank balloon above my head.

Not to mention my inability to wear makeup because my eyes are a-waterin’ something fierce. It’s like Halloween came early for me — sca-RY!

And you know what happens when I have nary a whisper of a proper blog entry — tunage!

And it’s groovy kinda shit, too. Like, be happy or at least lapse into a trance, right? 😉

Love in Traffic (John Creamer mix) — Satoshi Tomiie
“Chocolate (Club Silenciore mix)” — Kylie Minogue
“Don’t Make Me Want You” — Dublex Inc. f/Alice Russel
“One Word (Chris Cox club mix) — Kelly Osbourne

3 Responses to Mailbag

  1. Bayou :

    YAY for tunage!! Lach’s been a victim of the fall snarfaliciousness, as well. Hang in there!

  2. Lachlan :

    I second the thanks, and the snarfaliciousness. 🙂 🙁

  3. Erica :

    Woo! Thanks for the tunes.