A friend of mine was clearly having a bad day, as she wrote up and sent me a series of about 100 “Demotivator”-type sayings that are 100% original.

While most I couldn’t post either due to confidentiality or need of explanation, I’m going to share one that I’m sure all us ladies can identify with:

“I don’t care about your dress code. You wear the pantyhose.”

That one makes a hell of a lot of sense. You don’t actually think a WOMAN designed your office dress code, do you now?

And one more, just because:

“There will always be too much to do. Go ahead and die trying to finish it.”

Her talent is SO being wasted in the corporate world. I mean, we have political pundits — why can’t we have corporate pundits? Oh, wait. Because those of us who’ve tried have ended up unemployed!

3 Responses to Magnificent

  1. Erica :

    Heh! I see greeting cards or t-shirts or something.

  2. Inachis :


    I can sympathise even though I get to sit at work wearing of the rack jeans and a sweater I suspect is almost as old as I am. AND sensible health sandals instead of high heels.

    But then, I live in Finland and when the country is covered in sleet, ice and snow for half the year with temperatures at -10 on the centigrade on a warm day, skirts and pantyhose tend to give way for more sensible winter wear. Thank God…

    … Damn, now I sound like I’m bragging or something… oh well.

  3. The Goddess :

    Irk: Funny you should say that about the greeting cards — if CafePress made a greeting card, I’d set her up her own line in a heartbeat!

    Inachis: I think I’d rather wear pantyhose than deal with Mother Nature on the rag six months out of the year. But right now, just give me a moment to be jealous of your comfort anyway. .. 😉