Pork Parfait!

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So, OK, I heard a disturbing fact recently that Florida is the second-highest state when it comes to having human trafficking.

If that isn’t bad enough, I’m pretty sure we’ve got the worst children and families system in the country as well, as it always seems like it is Florida where kids go missing the most.

I say all of this not to take away from the deliciousness of my Pork Parfait dinner at the South Florida Fair tonight (dear God, it’s beautiful, although I *almost* got the donut burger instead, but this seemed healthier). But instead, to say that something slightly bizarre happened at the fair out in Royal Palm.

So, this event is huge — probably 129 acres of food booths and one acre of animals and rides. 🙂 And of course, children will wander away from their parents. (Read: their parents are too pre-occupied with the food booths to notice that their kids wander away.)

A series of announcements came out over the loudspeaker, as children were found with no parents around for miles. First it was Kid 1. Then another was found and it was Kid 1 and Kid 2. Then ANOTHER kid was found, so the parents of Kids 1, 2 and 3 were commanded to come get their kids.

About 10 minutes later, a VERY frantic announcement comes out:

“The woman who took Kids 1 and 2, PLEASE RETURN THEM IMMEDIATELY. All of the parents have shown up and want their children.”


There were no announcements after that.

But holy shit, people can just walk off with two kids if they feel like it?

I don’t mean to imply that the culprit was taking them for trafficking purposes or kidnapping them away from their crazy family. (I sure as hell hope not.)

But I admit, I am NOT going to sleep well tonight, wondering what happened to those two little girls and whether they were reunited with the right families. I pray that it was their real mother who got them the first time around and hopefully they were spared from any harm.

And if I ever have kids before my eggs pass their expiration date, I’m going to lock them in the house till they’re 30. Or at least 18, since I’ll probably be 70 by then and I won’t be able to chase them. 😉

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