I don’t know if this week is cursed, but motherfuck. I’ve been busy. I just haven’t been productive. I mean, I have literally ended each day at the exact point where I started it. I am so glad my team never really asks for a time analysis — as long as nothing’s broken, they know we’re keeping it together. It just astounds me how much WORK it takes to make it look like nothing is going on. Jeez!

*kicks this week*

5 Responses to Lord

  1. Boutros :

    DITTO. All the shit hit the fan for me this week, too. Can’t wait to curl up in bed with a bottle of wine.

  2. Mel :

    It takes more work to fling papers all over your desk and make it look like you are “looking” at them than actually looking at them. Yeah, this weeks gone down the whole pretty quick. Getting ready for Demolition 2006.

  3. Bayou :

    Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one…

    It’s just time to scrap this week and try again next time! TGIF!

  4. Connie :

    I hope your weekend is great, and more than
    makes up for your crappy week!

  5. Erica :

    I tried to remind myself as I stayed three hours late at work on Thursday that I could have prevented it had I not spent an hour on my Fringe schedule, an hour on Metroblogging, or an extra 15 minutes at lunch, etc., etc. My own damn fault.

    At the same time, it is nigh unto impossible for me to do nothing but work for 8 hours in a day. So I guess I have to make it up somewhere.