Little victories 

Found a new mechanic. He’s honest. Like brutally honest. Like, telling me about the $800 repair I need and saying the car isn’t even worth that much so let’s hold off as long as we can. 

See, I knew hitting resistance at my usual place meant to find somewhere better. He’s funny. And sarcastic. And from Pennsylvania and then Virginia.  It’s just like meeting myself. 

The place is in my current town that I’m so eager to leave. I can’t believe I finally found a redeeming quality for it. 

I might have found a redeeming quality for my apartment too. Some guy came out screaming at the door upstairs. He said the asshole in there is an “amateur” and he makes too goddamn much noise. 

Try living under him and THEN let’s talk about who could possibly have it worse. 

But I’ll tell ya. Punk ass didn’t open his door but I slept the last two nights with minimal interruptions. 

I have a copy of “Go the Fuck to Sleep” for that twit. I’m going to hang onto it for a little while longer. But I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who wants him to go quietly fly a kite. 

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