Liars, landlords and my dumb luck

Behind-the-8-ball landlord texted today to say he was going to call his “layer” to see what he could do about the neighbor situation. 

Eight months of this shit and suddenly he gets a good idea, right? Nah. 

Consider that this text arrived in a string containing his months-old promises to bring in a maid service (hah), order screens for my windows (tee hee) and pay for a repair (roflmao). 

He finally texts later to say the thunder bunch will be out at the end of the month. Which he would have known had he called the HOA like he’d claimed he’d already done.

I didn’t reply. I mean he’s an ex-trader. Like all the men I’ve met in finance, he’s a goddamn liar. It’s a feature, not a bug, with that set.

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