Letters from the gone-bananas republic of Palm Beach

So this happened (again):

I returned the last one within 24 hours of purchase. And here’s why.

This one’s a keeper. I managed to get all my stuff off my Time Capsule this time, so I don’t have to take the old iMac in for service. Now to not wait 10 years to return it to Apple, like I did with the G4 that lived in six different apartments with me before I offloaded it last year.

I should probably have anxiety about the purchase. It cost just less than a month’s rent (and yes, rent is THAT HIGH). But I’ve wanted one of these for close to a decade. And look, the world is going to end whether or not I have a computer that doesn’t suck, right?

It’s been 222 days since I was able to back up my iPhone. Funny how much of a luxury that felt like, connecting my phone to a working computer. I’d say it’s a first-world problem, but given the tinpot dictator who spends his weekends three miles up the road, I like to think of it as a “gone-bananas republic” problem.

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