Lancing a boil on the butt of humanity

I’ve been trying to exhibit grace and not write about Pinhead.

Let’s say Pinhead is a pus-filled zit that was recently popped. Gushing, flooding, oozing, steaming hot bowl of goo. And realize that is the kindest thing I can say right now.

Pinhead needs somebody to wipe their ass for them at all times. Everyone tiptoed around Pinhead. I tried to pretend Pinhead was a ghost. That was the best and only reaction to a nuisance.

Pinhead is waiting for their final reward for gracing the world with their presence. But lo, Pinhead AS USUAL cannot do what is required of Pinhead to receive Pinhead’s final reward.

(You can see I’m staying gender-neutral here, eh? BOIL ON THE BUTT OF HUMANITY is all you need to know.)

So guess what, we have to bow down and grant Pinhead’s last request. Even though Pinhead has done nothing to deserve anything from anyone.

I’m going back to pretending Pinhead was dead. And trying hard not to marvel that no one — I repeat, no one — would have shown as much grace toward me as as been shown toward Pinhead.


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