Lacking the nesting gene?

All right, who didn’t melt in their seats last night when McDreamy told Meredith that he wanted to die in her arms? That he wants to marry her and have kids with her and build a house for her but, alas, emotionally she’s still just an intern? And that he’d wait for her but if he found someone else who was as ready as he was for all those things, who only knows what’ll happen?

That reminds me of my last dating adventure, how the guy had the house, the kids, the dog. And maybe he wanted to be as free-spirited as I am. But it was all about the kids. They had to come first. And therefore, I never could. So I opted not to come (ha!) at all. 🙂

But girls by nature are supposed to be ready to settle down when the right guy comes along. Hell, most of them are ready when the WRONG one presents himself. And I don’t want to find myself 20 years from now, looking at someone and dreaming of suffocating them with a pillow — and being awake while I have that dream. *shudder*

I was driving to work today, wondering whether women of my generation were born without the nesting gene. How else can you explain how so many of us are not even just uninterested but pretty much repelled by the thought of forever? Or is it just the quality of people we’re meeting that gives us the gut instinct to let them fuck you but never love you, like Meredith is doing to McDreamy now?

I can perhaps name one or two times that maybe I was the one who wanted to settle down but the guy wasn’t having it. And by “settle down,” I mean “settle.” I am not talking house/marriage/kids/dog — I’m talking “get me off this ride because I’m experiencing motion sickness.” And it’s pretty freaking frightening when I’m the one who’s closer to where I want to be in life.

Of course, it should be known that there’s been a player in the shadows who, if he’d just come to his senses, I could settle down for. (And in this case, I do mean settle down.) Of course, what if he got that bonk over the head that made him come to his senses? Would I go all Meredith (as I’ve been told I’m as dark and twisty as she is) and say terrific, let’s go for the “48 uninterrupted hours” instead of aspiring for “the lifetime”?

3 Responses to Lacking the nesting gene?

  1. Tiff :

    Gah. I haven’t seen this ep yet.

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  3. Asian Mistress :

    I’m not repelled by the thought of forever, I just know what it means. As much as I fantasize about settling down and everything, I know there is a lot more to it…and I know even if I want to be, I’m probably not ready.